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An autocratic model criminal justice system

The UAE Federal Law No.35 of 1992 envisages many protective measures under the law. What the rulers practice is exactly the opposite of what they preach; making the UAE Constitution itself becomes a solemn mockery! Just imagine a situation when the “protector” beheads the distressed who approach for protection!...Read More

A Model criminal justice system

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department“It is the wise vision of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, to ensure justice that fosters citizens’ and residents’ rights, promotes equality and ensures security as well as socio-economic development”.  Ministry of Justice – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Ministry of Justice – United Arab Emirates
Providing excellent judicial and legal services and ensure the rule of law through a citizen qualified cadres in the framework of effective cooperation with all concerned areas.

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1. To achieve justice through the principle of the role of law in the society of the United Arab Emirates.

2. The protection of rights and freedoms and the guarantee of the provision of integrated legal services for all categories of stakeholders.


1.  Justice and Equality: Consolidate justice among people, impartially review their issues and implement the principle of equality and equal opportunities between all the segments of the society when it comes to rights and freedoms, and reassure the members of the society.

2. Respect the Value and Dignity of the Individual: Maintain the dignity and entity of individuals and guarantee their freedom, person, value, beliefs, culture and personal record.

3. Integrity and Transparency: Work in complete integrity and transparency and set adequate standards for their fulfillment by providing the appropriate amount of information to persons concerned; establish an institutional approach capable of obtaining the trust of the stakeholders and consolidate the credibility of the judiciary sector.

4.  Institutional Loyalty and Responsibility: Bear complete liability and responsibility for all our statements and decisions, thus guaranteeing the protection of the rights of individuals and society through relying on a team of experts having the sense of responsibility and institutional loyalty and enjoying the necessary competences to fulfill their tasks to the fullest.

5. Effective Partnerships and Communication: Publish judicial and legal information, emphasize internal and foreign communication and open the judiciary to its environment in order to achieve common benefits for the Ministry and its partners in all fields.

6. Innovation and Excellence: Support innovation and creation, adopt the culture of excellence in all the fields of work in the Ministry, and set a positive atmosphere for the assistance of members in transforming their ideas into practical results that effectively contribute to the achievement by the Ministry of unique accomplishments.

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